west park part 2 - uncharted territory

West Park Asylum part 2

- Uncharted Territory 

In February 2010, we were fortunate enough to be able to return to West Park Lunatic Asylum and were able to see some parts of the site that we were not previously able to.

Mission Operatives:




(Un-named operative - Agent S)


1. The "Bird Barn" 


The Water Tower - oh yes indeedy!


Rather than just seeing the water tower from the outside and gazing longingly up at it, we actually got into it this time! We also managed to get up to the top, which is no mean feat for ghost, as he suffers badly with vertigo. It didn't help that he was filming the ascent with a mobile phone instead of holding on either... but he did it and is quite proud and happy that he did! The results can be seen below. 


Rooftops around The Hall / Hall Projector Room


Burnt out Ward (the one with the roof missing) 

ABOVE: This is where we mean! We were all quite intrigued by this block first time and actually got to have a look round in here this time.  


Wards and Rooms