surbiton hospital

Just up the road (literally) from dear old West Park, is this little gem.

Relatively dull looking from the outside, it has only very recently been vacate and is earmarked to be demolished to make way for a school on the site, ready for the September 2012 term.

When we arrived on site, the electrics and lights were still very much live, the heating was on full blast and there had barely been time for the dust to settle.

Infiltration date: Recently.

Mission Operatives: ghost, skyframe and nissanman.

First - a little background.

As we say, the place is in imminent danger of being torn down and turned into a school, as of 13th June 2011. All the previous inpatients are being transferred to the nearby Tolworth Hospital.

There isn't a huge amount of background available as far as we could find except for a huge amount of opposition for the redevelopment of the site and the half a million pounds the NHS is paying outside consultants to oversee the redevelopment of the site.

The architecture suggests that the site was constructed largely between the wars, probably around 1936, although there are some buildings that make up part of the site such as Elm House, which look a lot older - having a distinctly Victorian look about them.

We had an interesting couple of hours in here looking around - it was fascinating to see the pristine Operating Theatre and X Ray Room, but for the most part, it was just a little too modern looking to float our boat: it could so easily have been the A&E department at Royal Sussex County Hospital and I've seen quite enough of that place for one lifetime, thanks.

We did have a lovely day for it, though, and at least we can say that we went and saw it before it disappeared for good. I'd like to say a big THANKYOU to RustProofHawk and the other guys on 28DL for paving the way and putting us onto this one - it was pretty mint in there.

Finally, I'd like to say that I will never be able to dislodge the fabulous and hilarious image from my head, of Nissan Man sprinting full pelt across the lawn in front of the scaffolders whilst weilding a 2 inch diameter perspex butt plug and bone saw. Hilarious.

Where is this place?


CLOCKWISE FROM ABOVE: The Surbiton Hospital in happier times...


ABOVE LEFT: Observation lamp, in perfect working order, with power. 

BELOW LEFT: Every possible key to every available place. It was quite a creepy atmosphere in here - we kept expecting the nursing staff to turn up any minute. It was very strange and felt as though the residents had just disappeared as quickly as possible, abandoning the place as though thee had been an epidemic or something.

RIGHT MIDDLE: Nissan Man posing for the camera.

BOTTOM RIGHT: Server Room: we cannot believe the amount of stuff that was just left here. For such a supposedly cash strapped organisation, the NHS doesn't appear to worry about the fact that all this wil be slung out when the place is bulldozed. To give you a rough idea of the costs involved IN THIS ROOM ALONE, the cabinet is worth at least 400 quid, the CAT3 LAN cables are about a fiver a metre. The KVM (bottom left) is a few hundred and th 3 LAN hubs in the rack come to well over a grand in total. Insane....